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As we all know, international holidays cause delays due to staff holidays, factory shutdowns and shipping bookings becoming congested.  This results in longer production times, delays in processing international payments and shipping delays and is further complicated when holiday dates change each year.

Additionally, with fewer ships coming to New Zealand, we can expect holidays to create backlogs and know from experience that deliveries that usually take four to eight weeks can often extend by another four weeks. When America goes on holiday, all international payments go on hold until the US banks open again for business. If you need to make a critically timed payment, this is a recipe for a major headache.

To assist with forward planning, timely placement of orders and confirmation of shipping space, we have implemented a calendar with key dates to show relevant international holidays.  We recommend you view our calendar well in advance of making an order so you don’t get caught by delays. 

View our key dates calendar here.